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Using using gistration; toutes les femmes célibataires paroles namespace iocexample public class Installers : IWindsorInstaller public void container, store) container.Register(festyleTransient Ive grouped the TypedFacilityFactory and the interface annonce femme ferrara registration together for clarity.
Public interface IMyFirstFactory T Create T void Release(object value Notice that we are using a Generic create method in this example, this will become clearer later.
Also notice that we call the lease method of the factory to allow the instance to be released and garbage collected.
Public MainWindow(IMyFirstFactory context) var obj t this.
So, lets open up the file and add the following.So what is the TypedFactoryFacility?Well thats about it for this part of the tutorial, its pretty basic but gives you a little bit to work with.Notice that the this.

Your installer class should now look like this.
The easiest place to start is looking at code, so what are we about to change.
Part 1 ) and expand on cherchent des femmes de tarente it to show how we would used the TypedFactoryFacility.
Adding this code into the installer tells castle that we are about to specify a new type factory, we now just need to add a new line to identity the factory as shown below.
Now lets make a few modifications to the file so that we can consume the IMyFirstFactory interface.To put it simply, it creates an abstract factory class for you to use in your code.Now that we have the interface what do we do!This will cause the abstract factory to create this type for us, as before, we call the Get method to return a valid ViewModel populated with data which will be bound to the two textblocks in the Xaml code.Open up te file and you will see the following code namespace iocexample public interface IStartPageModel IHeading Heading get; set; IHeading SubHeading get; set; public interface IHeading string Caption get; set; string Value get; set; public interface IStartPageViewModel IStartPageModel viewmodel get; set; IStartPageModel Get public.Notice that when registering the IMyFirstFactory interface with castle that we have NOT provided a type that it will map to, this will be performed by castle for.