past tense of rencontre

Many other verb patterns, except verbs of the finir type plus a few other patterns, have an irregular vowel change,.g.
See the grammar section on irregular verb patterns in French for a list of the different vowel changes.
To listen to the pronunciation of a given tense of rencontrer, click on the loudspeaker icon at the bottom of the table.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.The regular -er pattern has the following defining features: No characteristic consonant (contrast, for example, with verbs following the finir or dormir patterns, which have a characteristic -ss- and -m- in all forms but the present tense singular No vowel change in the stem, other.The rencontrer conjugation tables below show how to form the French verb rencontrer according to tense and person.Derived terms edit Further reading edit Retrieved from " ".Jump to: navigation, search, contents, etymology edit, from, old French encontrer prefixed with re, from, latin incontrare.Pronunciation edit, audio (Jersey) Verb edit rencontrer ( Jersey ) to meet Retrieved from " ".It is conjugated like a regular -er verb in the present and imperfect indicative, present subjunctive, imperative, and present participle; it is conjugated like a regular -ir verb in the infinitive, future indicative, conditional, past historic, and imperfect subjunctive; and its past participle souffert.This verb follows the so-called regular -er verb pattern, the pattern followed by vast majority of verbs of the language, and by practically all new verbs entering the language.

See préférer )2; Past participle in -é.
Outside the regular -er paradigm, only aller, être and naître have past participles ending la recherche de partenaire pour les enfants in -é.
Pronunciation edit, verb edit souffrir ( intransitive ) To suffer ( transitive ) To endure, conjugation edit, this verb is conjugated like ouvrir and offrir.
Boire je b oi s vs nous b u vons.
Verb edit rencontrer to meet to come across, conjugation edit, related terms edit, further reading edit, etymology edit, from, old French re- (again) encontrer (to meet, encounter).Latin sufferre, present active infinitive of suffer, from sub fer.See the notes on the conjugation of rencontrer at the end of this page.Jump to: navigation, search, contents, etymology edit, from, old French suffrir, from, vulgar Latin *sufferre, from.Learn how to conjugate rencontrer, a regular -er French verb.