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There is a white painted small post at either side of the rencontres femmes célibataires track.
There are lots of walks from this area heading through the Los Ajaches down to the coast and Playa Quemada and its a popular route for cyclists, the road up from Playa Blanca les contacts avec des femmes en la paz, bolivie is a long climb but the view from the tops worth it!
Puerto del Carmen Puerto Calero Femes Playa Blanca Yaiza Uga Puerto del Carmen.Maciot playa Blanca ) is probably the toughest bit of road you will find on the whole island of Lanzarote.There are views.Prepare for the 12 average gradients in the last 800m.From Atalaya de Femes summit are good views of the Montañas del Fuego, the east and west coasts of the island and to the south, Playa Blanca and Fuerteventura.From the summit, follow the broad track back downhill, passing the point where you joined.Among cyclists, Femes is as famous as, tabayesco and there is a good reason for.There are a few bars and a nice plaza and church.

Follow this track along the top edge of the fields for some distance.
La Santa Tinajo Mancha Blanca Yaiza El Golfo Las Brenas Femes Uga Mancha Blanca La Santa.
Introduction: Atalaya de Femes is the second highest mountain on Lanzarote at 611 metres (2004 ft).This is the only tricky bit of navigation on the walk.Eventually, it narrows to a mere footpath and starts to climb gently.The track descends into Femes.It is marked annonces de femmes à villa el salvador by a few stone cairns.The route via Uga is a lot more forgiving and quite enjoyable.Femés is so much more than just a shortcut to Playa Blanca, take the opportunity to stretch your legs, enjoy the view and maybe some tapas at one of the local restaurants.Around 100 yards after this sign, at the end of the field on the left, turn left on to a broad dirt track.Share your cycling story in the comments below.The walk starts from the lovely hill-top village of Femes which has a balcony from where there is a stunning view down to Playa Blanca and across the sea to the island of Fuerteventura.