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Three players have made 100 or more Champions League appearances while another 12 have made between 50 and.
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49 Oviedo, Historia, Vol.Carlos Vela, Real Sociedad - 23 (Image: David Ramos) Mexico forward Vela was never able to make it beyond the League Cup for long at Arsenal, but has found a home at Real Sociedad, for whom he's scored 72 goals.Huntington Library (San Marino, USA).121-124; Quinquegenas II,.When accounting for the activities of governor Pedrarias and those of his subordinates in the province of Nicaragua (1525 Fernández de Oviedo blamed the Spaniards again for killing indiscriminately the native population, but at the same time he scowled at the misbehaviorof the Amerindians, finding.Nevertheless, Fernández de Oviedos attitude was always that of an official of the Royal Crown in tune with Erasmian intellectuals, such as the Emperors secretary, Alfonso de Valdés ( Diálogo de las cosas ocurridas en Roma, 1529) and Cristóbal de Villalón ( Diálogo de Mercurio.pero mirad, letor, que también yo he de morir, e que me bastan mis culpas sin que las hagan mayores, sino escribiese lo cierto, y entended que hablo con mi Rey, e que le he de decir la verdad.

For this reason alone, the behavior of Pedrarias and de Soto deserved now a less critical examination.
Evincing a clearly moralistic bent, Fernández de Oviedos intention was not simply to denounce the Crowns complicity in tolerating such bloody wrangles.
If, as it seemed, no Edenic creatures inhabited the Indies, the Spaniards could emasculate the natives, or better still, consider them as simple objects of trade and enslave them.
(.) E dicen que estos chupadores son criados e naborías del tuira, y que él se los manda así hacer, y el tuira es, como está dicho, el diablo.8 Francisco López de Gomara, Historia General de las Indias (Barcelona: Iberia, Volume I,.A distinguishing characteristic of the human condition, according to Cicero, is the capacity for dialectic interaction.Giovani Dos Santos, LA Galaxy - 5 (Image: Reuters) Tipped for great things at Barcelona, the Mexican has ended up at LA Galaxy via Tottenham and a loan at Ipswich.265-266; Licentiate Espinosa to the secretary of the Emperor, Francisco de Los Cobos, October 1st, 1533, in Colección de Documentos Inéditos de América y Oceanía, Volume 42, Madrid, 1884,.Rackham, Cambridge, Massachussets: Harvard University Press, Volume II, 1933.Indeed, most of the chroniclers were so thoroughly imbued with a heterologous principle of negation that they looked at the social components of every single native society they found with profound skepticism.