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Rodulfus Glaber states that " WillemusArelatensis " married one of the daughters of " Willemus, Henrici ducis priuignus, Adalberti Longobardorum ducis filius " and his wife but does not name her 265. .
M guillaume II Vicomte de Béarn et dOloron, son of guillaumicomte de Béarn Moncada his wife Guilleuma de Castellvell (1185-1229).
I resign myself to you also-I guess what you mean, I behold from the beach your crooked fingers, I believe you refuse to go back without feeling of me, We must have a turn together, I undress, hurry me out of sight of the land.
Fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child?
Comte in the area outre-Saône, the future Franche-Comté, before 914. .What behaved well in the past or behaves well to-day is not such wonder, The wonder is always and always how there can be a mean man or an infidel.Through me the afflatus surging and surging, through me the current and index.According to Jean-Noël Mathieu, she was Willa, daughter of Rudolf I King of Burgundy his wife Willa, basing this on the fact that she was sent to Burgundy when she was separated from her husband in 936 132, this event being recorded by Liudprand 133.

If it is not correct that Rotbald IIs supposed third wife married King Rudolf, the possibility remains that Comte Rotbald II in fact only married once and that all the references to Ermengarde and Emilde are to the same person. .
10 Alone far in the wilds and mountains I hunt, Wandering amazed at my own lightness and glee, In the late afternoon choosing a safe spot to pass the night, Kindling a fire and broiling the fresh-kill'd game, Falling asleep on the gather'd leaves with.
M firstly (880/85 27 ) rudolf, son of conrad II Welf Comte d'Auxerre rencontrer des filles dans la province de murcie his wife Waldrada - (-25 Oct 911). .
" Boso comes simulque Bernardus comes ad vicem " donated Nogent " in pago Otmense " for the soul of " quondam amici nostri Odonis comitisuxoris suæ Guendilmodis " to Saint-Martin-des-Tours by charter dated 871 after 21 Jun. .
Raymond berenger de Provence, son of alphonse II Comte de Provence Aragon-Barcelona his wife Gersende de Sabran Ctss de Forcalquier (1198-Aix, bur Aix-en-Provence, église de Saint Jean de Jérusalem). .Douce Dolça/Dulcia de Provence Gevaudan, daughter of girbert Vicomte de Gévaudan et de Milhaud his wife Gerberge Ctss de Provence (1095/1100-/1130). .They do not sweat and whine about their condition, They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins, They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God, Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania.Theotbald Thibaut (-Jun 887/895). .kings of aragon.Rotbald II his third wife had two children: e) hugues (-after 1019). .